Introduction to Animeflix

What is Animeflix?

Animeflix is a free streaming service that offers a wide variety of anime, hentai, and manga content – all for free. There's always something new to discover and new anime, hentai, and manga titles are added every week! There is also a community section that allows you to interact with other users and share your favorite anime, hentai, and manga content.

How do I get started?

Getting started with Animeflix is easy! Just follow these steps:

  1. Visit Animeflix.
  2. Pick a title and start watching Anime!.

How do we get funded?

We get funded by Ads. Notice the Pop Ups and Ads on your screen. Thats how we get paid and we also offer a subscription service for those who want to remove the Ads and also support us monthly or annually.

Ad Partners

  1. Galaksion
  2. Google Adsense

How do I contact Animeflix?

  1. You can contact us via email at
  2. Pop a DM to @adgsenpai on instagram.
  3. Visit the discord server Discord Server

Yes, Animeflix is legal. We dont store any content in our website/servers. We use methods and APIs to allow streaming to the server. We do get DMCA legal notices from time to time and we do remove the content as soon as possible. There are bots we wrote to automate the process. We love to be compilent with the law. This is just a hobby project and we dont want to get into any legal trouble.

How do I report a bug?

Just contact us and send the message / screenshot of the bug and we will fix it as soon as possible.